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HTB Write-up: Access

5 minute read

Access is an easy-difficulty Windows box that exemplifies some of the industry’s biggest faux pas. The FTP service running on the system allows for anonymous access, as if running the outdated and unencrypted protocol wasn’t enough. To make matters worse, the FTP server serves up information far sweeter than grandma...

HTB Write-up: Curling

10 minute read

Curling is an easy-difficulty Linux box. The great thing about Curling is all of the small, simple steps that are required to complete it. The machine includes a website built by a content management system (CMS) called Joomla. The administrator of the website, Floris (who, judging by the content of the website is a...

HTB Write-up: Irked

7 minute read

Irked is an easy-difficulty Linux machine that involves the exploitation of an IRC server using a public exploit, a bit of steganography, and the abuse of a far-from-functional custom binary owned by the root user of the system. Overall, the box is pretty straightforward, yet a lesson can be learned surrounding the ...