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Exploiting CVE-2020-9047 (ICSA-20-170-01)

20 minute read

On April 9, 2020, I discovered and reported the vulnerability in the exacqVision Web Service that has since been designated CVE-2020-9047 (ICSA-20-170-01) to the Johnson Controls Product Security team. The vulnerability was publicly disclosed by Johnson Controls on June 18, 2020. This vulnerability also affects exac...

HackerOne CTF Write-up: Micro-CMS v1

5 minute read

The challenge titled “Micro-CMS v1” is rated as easy difficulty and contains four flags. The challenge provides an introduction to an insecure indexing vulnerability, an (extremely) basic example of SQL injection, and a demonstration of two cross-site scripting vulnerabilities. This challenge helps to drive the poin...

HackerOne CTF Write-up: A little something to get you started

less than 1 minute read

The HackerOne CTF challenge “A little something to get you started” could not get much easier. Given its difficulty rating of “Trivial” I suppose this should come as no surprise. Nonetheless, the challenge introduces the importance of the powerful “View Page Source” option built into browsers.

HTB Write-up: Craft

15 minute read

Craft is a medium-difficulty Linux system. To reach the user.txt flag, a variety of small hurdles must be overcome. The majority of this process involves getting to the bottom of what’s up with the beer-themed Craft API. It seems that one of the developers had a few too many craft IPAs before pushing some sloppy cha...

SLAE32 0x07: Custom Crypter

6 minute read

In this post, a crypter program will be created and demonstrated that uses the Advanced Encryption Standard encryption specification, also known as AES. The AES standard is part of the block cipher family. It is also important to note that AES is a symmetric-key algorithm which means that the same key is used for en...